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In reality, Bradsby and Reedy were striking a pose to help the I love MacJ fundraiser in this picture, but it sure looks like they are saddened by the prospect of being apart from each other in college, doesn’t it?

They are already making plans for their first reunion

June 9, 2023

Although, it will no longer be a five-minute walk to each other’s houses Bradsby and Reedy plan to stay connected despite the circumstances.

“It’s definitely going to be a change, because I can’t just walk to Vermont, but it’s only a six hours away. You can take a train from Westchester to Vermont easy,” Bradsby said. “We’re both going to be very north, and it’s very expensive to fly back down to Texas, so we’ll probably spend holidays together, like Thanksgiving and things like that.”

I made her promise to not replace me. We both made friends at our colleges named Chris, so we each have a Chris we can talk about.

— Josie Bradsby

Bradsby and Reedy plan on keeping up with each other’s lives, despite living in different environments for the first time.

“We’re just gonna have Facetime, a lot and I made her promise to not replace me,” Bradsby said. “We both made friends at our colleges named Chris, so we each have a Chris we can talk about.”

After 18 years of friendship and always being down the street from one another, Reedy feels the transition will be hard. Reedy feels that Bradsby has been a largely integral part of her life, and the prospect of going down different paths is something completely new for both of them.

“I think it’s gonna be really sad not having that aspect of my life, but we’re going to make a plan and stay in contact. I’m not dropping that girl,” Reedy said. “Through all the tumultuousness that middle school brought, we were side by side through multiple friend groups. It’ll be really weird to live without that support system.”

Bradsby feels similar worries, but is confident her and Reedy’s friendship is resilient and can preside over any challenge.

“I’m really nervous because I feel like everyone had that innate fear of being replaced or not being able to get over the hump of that distance, but I definitely feel reassured and feel more comfortable knowing we will be in the same time zone, we will be visiting each other,” Bradsby said. “She’ll still be a really big part of my life.”

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