5 things you need to bring to ACL

Ben Brown

oneA Camelbak or some sort of backpack that holds water.  This is an obvious one, but a must-have. They’re really efficient and hold wayaclnight more water than any water bottle could. They double as backpacks so they can hold the rest of the items on our list! They have so many fill up stations at ACL so it’s very easy to get them refilled. Dehydration is the easiest way to ruin the weekend, so make sure to drink plenty of water.

Some sort of photo ID. This may sound like a weird one but it’s really, really important. If twosomething happens to you good or bad, it’s always important to have a photo ID so that you can be identified. You don’t even have to bring your entire wallet if you have a fear of getting it stolen, just slip your ID in your back pack or bag.

threeSomething to snack on. All the food at ACL is so much more expensive than it would be any other time of the year. If you buy a normal amount of food for three days you’re most likely going to spend around 80-100 dollars. To avoid losing your paycheck in one bite, just bring a big bag of chips or crackers to hold you over for most of the day. four

queens of the stone age perform at aclSun glasses, a hat, and sunscreen. Getting a horrible sunburn and having to squint all day is such a pain, and it will last much longer than the weekend if you don’t take care of it before it starts.

fiveClosed-toed shoes. Broken toes suck.