Rival schools join together for girls lacrosse

Jamaica Wonodi

Mac Knights join with Anderson Trojans to create the girls lacrosse team, KNITROS. Photo courtesy of Sydney Burnett.

Girls lacrosse co-captain Sydney Burnett said the KNITROS team is having a better year. Last year the team struggled to win games.  The team’s record this year is 6-1.

“We almost won all our games this season,” co-captain Brenna Dwyer said. “Our only lose is to Westlake by two points.”

Dwyer said this year the season really changed.

“We actually get along with each other, which is excellent,” Dwyer said.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Burnett.

The team consists of players from McCallum and Anderson.

“Even though we are rival schools, we are just like sisters,” Burnett said.

Burnett said the team wants to make it in the playoffs, and the way this year is going, they can.  She said the hardest thing is making sure everyone makes it to practice.

“The benefits of lacrosse are being able to work as a team and becoming a good [team] player,” Dwyer said. “The thing that impacted me the most is people from different schools playing great with each other. It’s different being with people from another school, but we haven’t had any problems.”

Dwyer said her goal is to be able to play lacrosse in college. Burnett also said she would like to play in college.

“The things that impacted me the most are we came together as a team and winning games this season,” Burnett said.