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Gergő Major

Double theater and visual art major Rhett Shields has found that in his exploration of the arts, the most important part is enjoyment. This philosophy came in full force in his recent outdoor demonstration on May 12.

The piece consisted of two poster boards with blind contour drawings of every member of the 4th period AP Art class, manned by senior Owen McGuire and Corbin Campbell. Each student would have three opportunities to guess which figure was them and if correct they were offered the choice of throwing a paint balloon, egg or tomato at Shields.


“The purpose of the blind contour was originally supposed to show how I view others and the same vain way other people view the people around them, but seeing as how the [blind contours] were the only set of rules in this piece, they turned into just a fun game for the end of the year,” Shields said.


As part of Shield’s AP Art sustained investigation he explored concepts of lonliness and humanity’s innate need for love in the relationships around them. Inspired, he wanted to create a work of art that emanated this sentiment of community and human interaction.


“I wanted to do something different than a normal art piece, I wanted to create an environment of community,” he said.


Shields felt that the simple act of gathering people and collectively creating was the most gratifying aspect of the experience.

“I wanted to remind everyone that art can be really fun,” he said. “[Art] does not always need to be intrusive on the ideals that we hold in our heart. Sometime all people need is an idiot asking people to throw things at him. And besides who does not want to throw a balloon full of paint at someone?”

Upon reflecting on the experience, Shields felt proud of the outcome. 

“I would have not changed a thing,” Shields said. “I would do it again and again.” 

Visual Arts Major (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th), Gold Seal Winner (9th), Earned a 4 at VASE (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th), Art Society Member (12th)

Performance Theater Major (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th), Theater Marketing Director (12th), All Star Cast Member (12th), Honorable Mention All Star Cast (11th, 12th), Student Director (12th)

RCP Officer (12th)

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