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Senior Jolie Gabriel will be attending Rhodes College next year with plans to major in math on a pre-med track. Rhodes checked all of Gabriel’s boxes; it seemed like the perfect fit.

“Rhodes was personable in their admissions process [in a way] I hadn’t seen in other schools,” Gabriel said. “On top of that, the campus is gorgeous, in a bigger city, and a small liberal arts school, which were all things I was looking at.”

Gabriel hopes her course of study will lead her to her dream career: pediatrician. Her decision to major in math was inspired by a lifelong love for math, as well as her experiences in McCallum’s higher-level math classes. Specifically, Angie Seckar-Martinez’s AP Calculus classes. 

“I’ve known for a while I wanted to be a pre-med to be a pediatrician, but recently I realized that I wanted to major in something I enjoyed doing,” Gabriel said. “Math was that something. I’ve always loved math, but I think Ms. Seckar solidified my love even more. She is such a great teacher and even when the topic was challenging, she was about to help me enjoy it.”

Seckar’s classes aren’t the only thing that has prepared Gabriel for life after Mac. Gabriel is also a member of PALS, which gave her increased clarity on her post-high school plans.

“I’ve known for a while I wanted to work with kids, but also wanted to do something STEM-related, so that’s where pediatrician came from,” Gabriel said. “PALS also solidified that I wanted to work with kids and help people.”

Gabriel has been a part of PALS for two years after joining as a junior. For Gabriel, PALS has been an essential part of her high school experience.

“PALS has been such a great, supportive group,” Gabriel said. “Everyone is just so amazing and PALS has definitely been the reason for many of my friends.” 

While PALS has given Gabriel the opportunity to help those around her, it has also helped her grow as a person.

“The PALS community is definitely my favorite [part of it],” Gabriel said. “PALS has taught me more about myself, who I am and what I want in life. It’s also taught me what it feels like to be completely accepted in a group.”

While leaving high school behind is bittersweet, Gabriel will always carry McCallum with her. The lessons she learned in her time as a PAL and a Knight have shaped who she is today and will continue to shape her future.

Track and Field (9th, 10th, 11th), Region Qualifier (9th), Area Qualifer (10th, 11th)

Volleyball (9th)

Rotary Club (9th, 12th)

Math Center (11th)

PALS (11th, 12th)

Yearbook (10th, 11th, 12th), Content Editor (11th), Sports Editor (12th)

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