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HYPE IN THE HOUSE: We continue our weekend series of #TacoShack encore galleries with one focusing on the pregame pageantry at House Park prior to kickoff. The golden hour surely helped our photographers get good shots, but the impossible-to-miss atmosphere of enthusiasm surrounding the annual rivalry game was the real star. Anderson went on the win the game, 29-7, for the Trojans’ first victory since 2015.

Hype in the House (August 2019) by Caleb Melville

Shield reporter Kate Boyle chose this image of the Taco Shack Game in August 2019, taken by Caleb Melville. Taco Shack is the annual rivalry game of McCallum vs. Anderson.

“I loved the joy that this photo showed,” Boyle said, “this picture is from the same year that I joined McCallum Journalism and I remember these being some of the first pictures by MacJ that I saw. I was so inspired by them and hoped that I would be able to take pictures like that some day. Something I loved about this specific photo is the way it catches the reaction of many people. The warm lighting also adds to the depth of the photo. I look at the photo now from a different perspective. It’s been so long since there’s been football game where the crowd looked like this because of the pandemic.”

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