MASSIVE NIGHT OF MICRO-MUSIC: Sporting his festival tee, junior Jay Mathias dances on stage at the Micro-Moon concert held this fall at the Austin Film School. The festival showcased featured Mathias as well as a variety of other musicians at Mac including Marlee Foster, Will Dooley, and The Point. “ I had always wanted to perform music, sort of a pipe dream type of thing, and we threw our first concert and it just felt so great to do that, even if it was a little rough,” Mathias recalled. “That’s when I realized: I have to do this.” Photo by Risa Darlington-Horta.

Massive night of micro-music (November 2019) by Risa Darlington-Horta

Shield co-EIC Samantha Powers chose this image of McCallum 2021 graduate, Jay Mathias at the first Micro-moon festival back on Nov. 1, 2019, captured by Risa Darlington-Horta.

“This photo immediately invokes a feeling of joy,” Samantha says. “Especially now, I need a reason to smile, and the look on Jay’s face in this photo reminds me of so many reasons to be happy. The composition of the photo is artistic, but the content has photojournalistic elements. We see through Jay’s smile the positive impact of this community event, but we can also appreciate the pretty purple color and his totally sweet outfit. It’s the best of both worlds!”

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