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Alysa Spiro

Alysa Spiro, co-editor-in-chief

Alysa Spiro is thrilled to be returning to the MacJ staff for her third year, this time as a co-Editor-In-Chief. Alysa still considers the opinion section her child, but has ultimately taken a liking to all types of journalistic writing (though she has yet to write a sports story in her three years on staff). When not biting her nails off due to newspaper-induced stress, Alysa enjoys spending her mornings brewing her own espresso and her evenings re-watching Spirited Away. Recently, she’s taken a real liking to Russian literature (and is in search of someone to talk to The Brothers Karamazov about). She’d like to thank Samantha Power’s for continuing to correct her grammar and Dave Winter for giving her a place to call home.

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Alysa Spiro (she/her)