Vargas reaps convention rewards

Thankful to be dancing during pandemic, senior Blue Brigade co-captain feels every performance is a dream fulfilled


Caleb Melville

Senior Blue Brigade co-captain Matthew Vargas leaps during the Dec. 11 halftime show, a field pom dance to “Edge of Glory.” The game turned out to be the end of the Knights’ season, and the last time the Blue Brigade seniors would perform at halftime of a high school football game. “I was really excited and optimistic,” Vargas said of his feelings before Friday’s game. “The sunset was so pretty and it just set the mood and I was happy.” By halftime, the Knights’ trailed by 21 points and the future looked bleak for the season, but Blue Brigade was still excited for its performance. “I knew it would be the last performance, so I just wanted to give it my all, and honestly I have never felt so happy during a performance. Hitting that ending pose gave me the chills, and I had such a big smile under my mask.”

Samantha Powers, co-news editor, co-copy editor

Senior Matthew Vargas performs a solo at the the 40th anniversary Tremaine Dance convention in Austin. Photo accessed with permission from a video posted to Vargas’ Instagram account.

Senior Matthew Vargas won big at the Tremaine Dance convention in Austin, Dec. 5-6.

He was awarded a one-time full tuition scholarship, a $20,000 AMDA Scholarship, and he was named a Hip Hop freestyle Top Five finalist.

Vargas was thankful for the opportunity to continue doing what he loves in the safest possible way.

“The convention was amazing,” Vargas said. “Tremaine is in its 40th year as a convention, and they have added a ton of extra precautions like 6 feet apart dance boxes and pods with your dance studio, so I felt really safe. It’s my first convention of the year, and it’s always so inspiring and stimulating to learn from big names and dance and be surrounded by amazing dancers.”

Vargas was unsure when the pandemic began what his future would hold with dance. He is glad to be able to continue his craft during this uncertain time.

Now more than ever I am grateful to be dancing on the stage, and I take the stage each time feeling fulfilled.”

— senior Matthew Vargas

“When COVID started, I had no idea how my senior year dancing would go,” Vargas said. “I cried over it many times, laid in bed upset that competitions and conventions were canceled. Now more than ever I am grateful to be dancing on the stage, and I take the stage each time feeling fulfilled. This year has brought me tons of blessings even though things seem to fall apart sometimes.”

Vargas feels thankful that his hard work in dance is being rewarded scholarships, especially now that it’s his senior year.

“I feel so honored,” Vargas said. “It lets me know that all my hours each day at the dance studio pay off and are recognized by everyone. Especially this close to college, getting scholarships is such a blessing.”