Sports profile: Sam Buford

He’s may be a classical guitarist and a choral singer, but he’s also the boys wrestling team captain


Margaret Olson

Buford wrestles an opponent during the November scrimmage in the big gym at MAC.

Abigail Salazar, staff reporter

TS: What made you decide to join wrestling?

SB: I joined wrestling because Coach Amaro was asking literally everyone in the school to join the wrestling and also I wanted to explore because I’ve done baseball for the past two years, and I was like, “Why not? Try it.”

TS: Have you made any personal accomplishments this season?

SB: Just winning by Mercy rule, that was really nice for me. It was also against my friend so that was a personal win thing. Also becoming captain was really nice for me because it’s a really nice leadership position that I like to have and teach others how to wrestle.

TS: What’s one of your favorite moves?

SB: I like the low signal. It’s a move where you shoot down and you put your head/shoulder in their knee and you drive forward and it buckles their legs.

Dave Winter
Buford sings “Bare Necessities” from the Disney film The Jungle Book during the Sunday matinee Choir Cabaret peformance of “When You Wish” on Dec. 9.

TS: What’s one move that your good at?

SB: Scrambling because I like to go after the dude, but if it’s obvious where this guy is coming from and I know what he’s going to do the thing all I can do is react and scramble. Scrambling is where you’re down on the floor with the dude and being in a position that I don’t want to be in, then completely flipping it over and getting a reverse and flipping him on his back and I just smile up at the ref knowing I got the win on the guy.

Wrestler Sam Buford fasts and  listens to Chief Keef before matches. He eats Whataburger and listens to classical music after them. Photo by Abby Salazar.

TS: How do you prepare the night before a big match?

SB: I just kinda lessen my fluid intake the week of a competition and then the day of I drink some water in the morning in the evening and a little bit throughout the day. For my food, I keep it to a minimum, like just protein based stuff, sometimes liquid diet because that’s very useful because you have to watch your weight. To prepare mentally I kinda just listen to a lot of Chief Keef because he just makes me want to go out there and destroy some people.

TS: How do you unwind after a big match?

SB: I either listen to Chief Keef or classical music, which is on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but I usually listen to peaceful classical music unless I’m feeling really good and want to turn up then I’ll listen to Chief Keef or Young Thug. I also eat a lot because I might have been fasting before the match and right after the match we get to eat whatever we want and we usually go to Whataburger. It’s kinda funny because I like anything that is bad for you.

Kristen Tibbetts
Buford plays in his guitar quartet at the HEB Mueller Cafe. Buford is a part of the chamber guitar class.