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Peachy Delight

Baron Heinrich

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For this review, I have the special treat of critiquing  an Oolong tea. I love Oolong, white, and black teas. However, Oolong and white
tend to be pretty expensive, especially white, so I don’t get to enjoy them that often.

Peach Oolong Tea

Adagio’s Peach Oolong tea. $4.39 with merchant coupon

But I got lucky and found some oolong reasonably priced. Some back story: I was on a shopping trip at HEB to get some milk and other groceries. I passed by the tea section, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found Adagio Peach Oolong tea packed with 10 pyramid shaped tea bags.  I instantly added it to my cart, checked out and rushed home.

When I opened the package I smelled sweet, fresh peaches with a little earthy, grassy scent.  It was absolutely mouthwatering.  This was my first time preparing an oolong. I’ve had some before at tea shops but I’ve never got ahold of the actual tea.  Again, because it tends to be pricy.

What I found interesting about this tea was the fact that it came in a triangular tea bag design. Apparently, this is to encourage
the tea to float freely, expand completely and reduce flaked leaves to collect on the bottom.

Triangular Tea Pyramid Bag

The Triangular tea bag design

I also noticed that the quality of the tea bag was different.  I want to say it was made out of Nylon, but the teabag is made out of some biodegradable material so it has to be something else.  Maybe silk?

Anyway, the instructions on the back said to use a water temperature of 180 degrees for a steep of 5 minutes.  I went ahead and brewed the water and steeped the tea and saw the leaves start to unfold within the teabag. My water then changed color to a translucent amber.  Not only does this tea smell good, it looks good too.  After five minutes, I poured the finished tea in a glass pitcher.  I had some right away and I couldn’t detect  that much flavor.  I let the tea cool down for a bit and had some iced with no milk.  It was really fruity. I actually tasted the sweetness of the peach.  However, I felt like I steeped the tea for too long as the flavor was much too strong like artificial flavoring, despite the label claiming natural flavoring.

I tried another cold glass, this time with milk,  1/4 the glass with milk and the rest with tea.  It. Was. Fantastic. The strong tea actually diluted out with the milk and the two combined to taste vaguely like a peach cobbler.

With the fresh peachy taste and smell, I feel like this tea is most suitable for summer time although because of the playful fruity flavors, it’s also comfort in a cup during a rainy day.  Because I felt like my frist steep was too long, I recommend lowering the steeping time to four minutes under 180 degrees as the peachy flavor will still be prominent, but not as overpoweringly strong.  Also, because it’s an oolong tea, it can be steeped multiple times before the flavors fade.  I steeped a batch of tea bags about five times before I noticed the flavors dimming out.  If you do steep the same bags multiple times, make sure you use the bags within the same day as water-soaked leaves will encourage the growth of bacteria and other gross microbes.

All in all, the Peach Oolong Tea from Adagio is fantastic. I highly, highly recommend it. It’s great iced with or without milk.  If you’re curious, see if you can find it in your local grocery store or buy it online from Adagio.

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Peachy Delight